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Professional Aviation Associates is a proud aviation partner with ConversionAir kits. As the owner or service provider of an R12 vapor cycle system, retrofitting the system to the new industry standard R134a Freon is the most likely solution.

R12 going… going… and about to be gone!

This summer will be hot for R134a conversion activity. R12 Freon has gone out of production in the United States and other countries around the world. Hybrid blends of Freon have been rejected by the OEMs and compressor manufacturers. The issue of certifying the exotic blends will also become an unfriendly FAA issue if pursued.

R134A Seminar Presentation

ConversionAir kits distributed by Professional Aviation Associates bring order to the confusion. System engineers, Steinbach and Associates has reviewed the mounds of literature and consulted with many FAA Systems DERs to find that the standards set forth by SAE J1661 provide the most consistent results without loss in system capacity (cooling effect).

Bringing this standard to a STC/PMA kit will communize installations across the fleet, maximize system efficiency, minimize down time, and keep the regulatory paper work to a minimum.

View Conversion Air STC ListAW21-008 Bombardier Advisory WireMore info at conversionairkits.com

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