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Helicopter Exterior Lighting Systems

Professional Aviation Associates is proud to be aviation partners with DeVore Aviation Corp. We are the premier source when it comes to Rotorcraft and Fixed Wing interior and exterior illumination. DeVore Aviation Corp Tel-tail kits increase lighting in all stages of operation from off airport ground personnel to airborne traffic separation. When a rotorcraft operates with an installed DeVore Aviation Corp lighting kit, there remains no doubt as its placement in its physical environment. DeVore Aviation provides peace of mind with an aircrew’s safety and has been doing it for over a half century.

DeVore’s lighting kits include their world famous Tel-Tail Rotor Lighting kits (TT), their Forward Facing Recognition Lighting kits (FFRL), the Main Rotor Disc Lighting kits (MRL) and their Fuselage Flood Lighting kits (FFL).

The customers of DeVore Aviation include over 135 commercial and regional airlines, 20 OEM’s and hundreds of aircraft owners. We are dedicated to superior customer service at every stage of the process!

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