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Professional Aviation Associates are proud aviation partners with General Machine Diecron. We offer superior aircraft components for aircraft of all types. Together with General Machine Diecron, we build long-term relationships with customers based on trust. We go above and beyond to make sure you get the aircraft part you need, when you need it! Please see the table below for General Machine Diecron parts currently available.

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Part Number Description
GMD101-8001-97 Adjuster Sleeve
GMD101-810024-1 Bushing
GMD101-810126-5 Link Assy
GMD114-810026-1 Drag Brace
GMD115-555024 Pulley
GMD115-810029-23B Nut Assy L.H. MG
GMD115-810029-24B Nut Assy L.H. MG
GMD115-810065-1 Washer
GMD50-810168-5 Cover
GMD50-810169 Cover
GMD50-521151-6 Piston Flap Actuator
GMD50-521195-10 Piston Flap Actuator
GMD50-820007-3 Barrel – Shimmy Dampener
GMD50-820020 Piston Assy
GMD50-820240 Fitting — Nose Gear
GMD50-820205-17 Drag Leg
GMD50-820226-6003 Cover
GMD90-810018-1B Nut Assy
GMD90-810018-2B Nut Assy
GMD90-810019-1 Bushing
GMD90-820010-1 Bushing
GMD90-820011-1 Bolt
GMD90-820015-1B Nut Assy N.G.
GMD99-810043-11 Swivel
GMD99-810064-3 Bushing
GMD99-810130-1 Gear Set

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