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For over 60 years, LP Aero Plastics has been the world’s leading wholesale manufacturer of FAA-PMA aircraft windshields and windows for the GA market.

LP Aero Plastics product development is unsurpassed in the industry and is reflected in our extensive catalog. LP Aero Plastics currently holds over 1600 FAA-PMA’s covering about 500 aircraft and has many new products now being developed in their R & D department. They also have extensive coverage of Beech King Air and B1900.

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  • BEECHCRAFT KING AIR F90: s/n LA-2 and up
  • SUPER KING AIR 200: s/n BB-2 thru BB-733, BB-735 thru BB-792;
    s/n BB-794 thru BB-828, BB-830 thru BB-853; s/n BB-871 thru BB-873, BB-892, BB-893, BB-912
  • 200T: s/n BT-1 thru BT-22
  • 200C: s/n BL-1 thru BL-36
  • 200CT: s/n BN-1
  • B200: s/n BB-734, BB-793, BB-829, BB-854 thru BB-870; s/n BB-874 thru BB-891, BB-894 thru BB-911; s/n BB-913 and up
  • B200T: s/n BT-23 thru BT-27, BT-29 and up
  • B200C: s/n BL-37 and up
  • B200CT: s/n BN-2 and up
  • SUPER KING AIR 300: s/n FA-1 thru FA-125, FA-127, FA-128, FA-130 and up
  • 300LW: s/n FF-1 and up
  • B300: s/n FL-1 and up
  • B300C: s/n FM-1 and up
  • BEECHCRAFT 1900 AIRLINER: s/n UA-1 and up
  • 1900C AIRLINER: s/n UB-1 and up; s/n UC-1 and up; s/n UD-1 and up

SP-PRIKT Window Inspection Prism Kit: The prism has included angles of 45°, 70°, 110°, and 135°.

LP Aero Plastics is also an award-winning government contractor. In recognition of the company’s achievements, L.P. Aero Plastics has been a three-year winner of the Commander’s Award as the “Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year” by DCMC Pittsburgh.

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