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Beechcraft 1900 Windshield

Professional Aviation Associates
Beechcraft 1900 Windshield & Aircraft Parts

Features & Benefits


  • Rebuilt to the latest design configuration
  • Same materials, processes as OEM part
  • Worldwide customer and technical support
  • Assures compliance with structural, form, fit and function requirements of the airframe manufacturer

Herculite® II Chemically Strengthened Glass

  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Lightweight window
  • Greater hardness
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Greater residual strength
  • Less reflection
  • Superior optical quality

PPG 112 Urethane Interlayer

  • Same proprietary interlayer used in latest design of aftermarket windshields provides maximum adhesion to glass for increased resistance to delamination and extends service life
  • Elasticity at low temperatures and patented design dramatically reduce potential for cold chipping

Aircon® Anti-ice System

  • Proven reliability
  • Heating uniformity

Two-Year Warranty

  • Compares to standard warranty for new spare window

Rebuild to Condition “New”

  • Prevents recurrence of failure modes such as delamination, moisture ingress and electrical malfunctions that are not eliminated by common “minor repair schemes”
  • Lower cost than new spare
  • Reliability and performance of new Beechcraft 1900 windshield

Bird-Impact Resistant

  • Tested to impact by 2-pound bird at 190 knots

Beechcraft 1900 Windshield-Aircraft Parts-Professional Aviation Associates

Part Numbers for Rebuilding

  • Pilot Beechcraft 1900 Windshield: 101-384025-23
  • CopilotBeechcraft 1900 Windshield: 101-384025-24
  • Pilot Beechcraft 1900 Windshield: 50-420069-37
  • Copilot Beechcraft 1900 Windshield: 50-420069-38

NOTE: Rebuilt windshields are manufactured to the latest Hawker Beechcraft-approved design and will be supplied with the latest part numbers. PPG rebuilds all prior configurations (dash numbers and revisions letters) of these parts.

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