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Professional Aviation Associates is proud to announce that the warranty for our No Bill Back Mechanical Actuators has been increased to two years or 1200 hours/cycle on the aircraft or three years from the date of purchase. We offer King Air actuators, mechanical and hydraulic actuators, and much more.

PAA’s Actuators Program saves our customers the downtime and hassle of waiting. All critical parts are replaced every time to bring you the highest quality overhauled actuator.

Currently in stock:

Part Number Description
99-810057-651 RH Main Gear Actuator
99-810057-652 LH Main Gear Actuator
99-810057-653 RH Main Gear Actuator
99-810057-654 LH Main Gear Actuator
50-820208-5 Nose Gear Actuator
50-810164-17 LH Main Gear Actuator
50-810164-18 RH Main Gear Actuator
101-521016-1 LH Flap Actuator
101-521016-2 RH Flap Actuator
129-521050-1 LH Flap Actuator
129-521050-2 RH Flap Actuator
129-521050-6001 LH Flap Actuator
129-521050-6002 RH Flap Actuator
129-521051-1 LH Flap Actuator
129-521051-2 RH Flap Actuator
129-521051-6001 LH Flap Actuator
129-521051-6002 RH Flap Actuator
45-521212-604 LH Flap Actuator
45-521212-607 RH Flap Actuator
50-521152-1 LH Flap Actuator
50-521152-2 RH Flap Actuator
50-521198-3 LH Flap Actuator
50-521198-4 RH Flap Actuator
50-521222-3 LH Flap Actuator
50-521222-4 RH Flap Actuator
50-521223-3 LH Flap Actuator
50-521223-4 RH Flap Actuator
50-524161-606 LH Flap Actuator
50-524161-607 RH Flap Actuator

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