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Landing Gear & Aircraft Parts

Professional Aviation Associates is proud to offer a wide selection of superior landing gear parts and components. We work with the most trusted names in aviation, and we are dedicated to high quality and customer service at every stage of the process. We specialize in landing gear for King Air, Beechcraft, 1900 and much more.

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Currently in Stock:

Part Number Description
101-810009-9 Gear Assy Hi Float
101-810010-5 Ldg. Gear – Std
101-810082-3 Main Landing Gear-KA300
101-8120020-603 Nose Ldg. Gear S/S – 15
101-820020-615 Nose Ldg. Gear S/S – 603
101-820029-11 L/H Nose Ldg. Gear
114-810000-655 L/H Main Ldg. Gear 1900
114-810000-656 R/H Main Ldg. Gear 1900
114-820021-651 Nose Ldg Gear 1900
115-810000-653 Landing Gear (Heavy Duty)
115-810000-654 Landing Gear (Heavy Duty)
50-810286-21 L/H Main Ldg. Gear C90
50-810286-22 R/H Main Ldg. Gear C90
50-810304-651 L/H Main Gear Assy
50-810304-652 R/H Main Gear Assy
50-810304-679 L/H Main Ldg. Gear
50-810304-680 R/H Main Ldg. Gear
99-810000-651 L/H Ldg. Gear
99-810000-652 R/H Ldg. Gear
99-810002-652 Main Gear – Float
101-810000-652 L/H Main Ldg. Gear
101-810000-652 R/H Main Ldg. Gear
115-380002-5 Motor Ldg. Gear
101-810091-7 Drag Leg Assy. Flotation
101-810091-9 Drag Leg Assy-STD
101-810157-5 Drag Brace- Standard Hydraulic
101-810157-7 Drag Leg Assy- HYD Floatation
101-820034-5 Drag Leg Assy NG-HYD
114-810023-1 Drag Leg – M.G.
50-810037-615 Drag Brace ASSY
50-810037-616 Drag Brace ASSY
50-810335-13 Drag Leg ASSY
50-810335-17 Drag Leg – Flotation
50-820010-605 N.G. Drag Brace
50-820010-609 N.G. Drag Brace
50-820205-21 Drag Leg ASSY N.G.
50-820205-37 Drag Leg NLG

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