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PPG Aerospace Transparencies offers rebuilt oem windshields for the Beechcraft King Air and Beechcraft 1900 aircraft using procedures approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. PPG’s rebuild service offers all the benefits of new windshields at a lower cost, without compromising performance or quality.  We specialize in Beechcraft windshields, PPG windshields, King Air windshields, OEM windshields and much more.

As the sole manufacturer of OEM windshields for these airplanes and supplier of spares, PPG is able to rebuild windshields to the latest Hawker Beechcraft-approved design configuration. They replicate original-equipment part manufacturing processes, inspection procedures and requirements in rebuilding transparencies. Materials and components in PPG-rebuilt windshields are the same as those in OEM parts to meet the same part requirements. Rebuilds are upgraded to the latest design configuration and covered by a two-year warranty, comparable to the standard warranty for a new spare.

Professional Aviation Associates keeps rebuilt exchange oem windshields in stock and ready to ship. Call us today to place your order at (404) 767-0282 or (800) 283-2105 (U.S. and Canada) or email sales@proaviation.com.

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