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Aircraft Kits & Custom Hose Kits

Take the Professional Approach to Custom-Built Hose Kits. We specialize in custom aircraft hose kits, King Air hoses, Beechcraft King hoses, C90 hose kits, B200 1900 350 hose kits, Lear hose kits, and more!


Kits save TIME and time is money! PAA is highly accurate in providing the correct hoses in each and every hose kit we provide. Order your aircraft kits prior to the aircraft arrival. The A&P then is able to do direct hose replacement. Kits save your customer additional labor or your shop non-billable labor. Aircraft kits save the A&P of having to tag hoses and locations and flush hoses prior to duplication. Kits save the parts department additional freight cost of shipping hoses for duplication. Kits save the time it takes for hose duplication and possible priority return freight. Kits make sense.

Our promise

If in the rare occasion, the proper hose in our aircraft kit is not included or missing, PAA will pay to overnight that hose to your location. Kits do not include Pratt engine hoses. Order wheel & brake hoses separate.

However, if you our customer still wish to duplicate your hoses, we welcome you to ship to PAA on our freight account. Normal turn time is three days but on priority orders, we don’t go home until your hose is shipped.

Professional Aviation Associates is a distributor and a certified FAA/TSOA Parker Hannifin Stratoflex hose shop. No matter the hose, no matter the aircraft: Turboprop, fixed wing or rotorcraft, PAA offers custom built assemblies and kits to suit your needs.

  • Custom Built Assemblies and Kits
  • Worldwide Distribution
  • We concentrate on quality, reliability, dependability and fast response time.
  • Be Well Connected!

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