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Professional Aviation Associates are a distributor for ALLProtect, a protective covering product from Colorado-based SurfaceLiner+.

ALLProtect provides temporary, padded and non-slip surface protection for sensitive areas of the aircraft such as floors, stairs, sidewalls, bulkheads, galleys, wing leading edges, cabin windows, cockpit windshields, painted surfaces and other aircraft surfaces. It easily cuts to size and is reusable.


Uncontested mechanical protection
for a safer working environment.
About ALLProtect
  • Reusable material
  • Sold in rolls – custom cut and perforated available
  • Features a padded, absorbent protective outer layer that is water and solvent-proof.
  • Can stand up to harsh chemicals
  • Prevent tools, parts and even personnel from slipping, even when wet or greasy.
  • Tacky no-residue backing allows it to be easily removed and reapplied.
  • Can easily be installed by one person, saving valuable time

This protective covering is ideal for heavy traffic areas and vertical applications without additional tape. The polyethylene adhesive backing creates a liquid barrier against spills. 

It can be used to protect a variety of surfaces, both inside and outside of the aircraft, such as wood veneer or high gloss interiors, acrylic windows, carpeting, glass, stonework, and painted surfaces.

ALLProtect RED

The bright color draws attention, even in the darkest areas of the aircraft, allowing workers to find and remove it more easily upon work completion.

  • Opaque version now available to protect transparencies
  • Light can pass through, doesn't black out interior
  • No residue, no worries ripping paint off (it's the same adhesive backing as ALLProtect Original)
  • Could use it on windows, leather, wood, carpet and the airframe (no restrictions)
  • Cuts very easily
  • The real time saver is on de-masking - comes right off, nothing to be buffed out or cleaned off
Available Sizes

Half Width Gray ............. 20 In. W x 82 FT L
Large Gray Roll .............. 39 In. W x 82 FT L
Perforated Roll .............. 39 In. W x 98 FT L (Perf is every 19.6”)
Gray Air Stair Kit ............ 4 Rolls x 82 FT L
(3 at 24 in W for stairs & 1 at 2.5 in W for railing)
Half Width Red .............. 20 In. W x 82 FT L
Large Red Roll ............... 39 In. W x 82 FT L
Large WHITE Roll .......... 39 In. W x 164 FT L

How to store AllProtect for reuse:
  • Clean the surface before installing ALLProtect (be sure the surface is dry before applying)
  • Vacuum the ALLProtect before removing (this step is optional)
  • Roll it up with the adhesive side in, tape it and label it for the next job
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