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Flat Rate Exchange

Flat Rate Exchange – What’s That Mean for You?
Eliminate the Guesswork.

Our Flat Rate Exchange program means you can budget accurately and in advance; the cost is fixed and transparent. No surprises here! Our program allows you to have confidence in your maintenance plan.

Contact us to start your agreement! Simply fill out the form below to have someone get in touch with you, or call (404) 767-0282.

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Is there a difference between a Flat Rate Exchange and a Standard Exchange?
Yes! The flat rate exchange eliminates the possibility of abnormally high repair charges by integrating non-standard replacement parts. For example, pieces such as shafts, pistons, armatures, motors, end-bells, and the like are included in the flat rate exchange price.
How does this benefit me?
Professional Aviation Associates’ Flat Rate Exchange Program saves you the hassle of waiting to see if your core return passes inspections without overages. All critical parts are replaced every time to bring you the highest quality overhaul.
Is there a difference in the warranty between the Flat Rate Exchange and Standard Exchange?
Yes, a flat rate exchange unit, regardless of condition, carries a twelve (12) month warranty from the date of sale. While a standard exchange will carry our standard warranty of, twelve (12) months for new or overhauled units and six (6) months for serviceable units.
Does my exchange need to be the same part number as my core?
Yes – to qualify for the flat rate exchange your core part number needs to match exactly. Professional Aviation Associates may make exceptions with written approval on a case by case basis.
What happens if my core is Beyond Economical Repair? (BER)
If it’s determined that your core is BER, you can still submit it – there will be an additional charge for the core value. If you have questions on how to submit a different core for evaluation, please reach out to us! We’re happy to help any way we can.
If my core is already disassembled, will it stand as an acceptable core?
Items returned for core credit that have been disassembled are not eligible for the Flat Rate Exchange program.
My core is missing parts or contains unauthorized parts. Does it still qualify?
Missing parts or unauthorized parts may cause your core to be rejected and deemed unacceptable for the program. Our team will do everything we can to restore the unit to OEM specs, but any missing parts or unauthorized parts won’t be covered in the Flat Rate Exchange.

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