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Air Conditioning & Environmental Systems

We do what we can so you can be responsible, too.
In search of air conditioning and environmental systems? Professional Aviation Associates strives to improve and reduce its carbon footprint as well as make environmentally friendly options available to our customers whenever possible. When it comes to aircraft air conditioning units, we only provide the best to our customers in order to keep their aircraft cool in those hotter months for optimal functionality. The environmental control systems we offer address air supply, thermal control, cabin pressurization, and avionics cooling needs as well. Contact us for your air conditioning and environmental systems needs.
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Materials We Stock:
  • Pressurization
  • Bleed Air
  • Blowers
  • Motors
  • Valves
  • Compressors
  • Evaporators
  • Controls
  • Heaters
  • Flow Packs
  • Pneumostats

Some of our best selling air conditioning and environmental systems inventory includes part numbers 101-384135-3, 101-384176-3, 114-380028-11, and many more. Search our inventory below! 

We Keep Our Customers Flying in Air-Conditioned Comfort.

We have blowers, drive motors and compressors to keep your aircraft cool and comfortable with support from OEMs such as Steinbach Conversion Kits, Advanced Industries and Electromech. In addition, customer property overhaul and flat rate exchange options are available for your convenience.

Let's Talk About AC Conversion Kits
R12 Freon has gone out of production, hybrid blends of freon have been rejected by OEMs and compressor manufacturers, and certifying exotic blends will likely also become an unfriendly FAA issue. As the owner or service provider of an R12 vapor cycle system, retrofitting the system to the new industry standard R134a refrigerant is the most practical solution. Conversion Air kits distributed by Professional Aviation Associates bring order to the confusion.

Call us directly at 404-767-0282 for more information, and check out our AC parts in stock:

Aircraft Model Part Number Description Condition
King Air 4507 Compressor NE
King Air 101-384072-5 Air Conditioner Motor OH
King Air 101-384004-1 Condenser Blower OH
King Air 101-384004-5 Condenser Blower OH
King Air 101-384024-5 Evaporator OH
King Air 101-384135-3 Evaporator Blower OH
King Air 101-384176-1 Evaporator Blower OH
King Air 101-384176-3 Evaporator Blower OH
King Air 114-380028-11 Blower OH
King Air 114-380028-9 Blower OH
King Air 90-384031-1 Aft Evaporator Blower OH
King Air 90-555039-601 Copressor (SD7) NE
King Air GMD115-555024 AC Pulley (Outright) NE
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