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Landing Gear

We Know Landing Gear.

We are the authority when it comes to Beechcraft King Air and 1900 landing gear, stocking a vast selection of superior landing parts and components.

Additionally, we work with the most trusted names in aviation and stock over 50 shipsets of landing gear in addition to a vast selection of superior parts and components.

No one is more dedicated to exceptional quality and customer service at every stage in the process than Professional Aviation Associates.

We provide:

  • FAA-approved repairs to control cost
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • All-new piece parts and hardware
  • Deep exchange pool in stock
  • Complete paperwork for return to service
  • After-sale support
  • And much more

Some of our best-selling landing gear inventory includes part numbers 99-810057-653, 99-810057-654, 101-820020-7015, 101-810009-9, 101-820034-5, 114-810023-1, 101-810133-13 and many others.

That’s right we do it all - comprehensive repair, overhaul and exchange with competitive pricing and quick turn time.
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