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Starter Generators

Start. Generate. Power.

Professional Aviation Associates’ Starter Generator Program for OEM vendor support includes generators, GCUs, blowers, batteries and lighting equipment. We provide freshly overhauled starter generator units, serviced by the highest quality shops in the industry. These esteemed shops have been overhauling starter generators for the last 25 years with exceptional results and happy customers! When a replacement unit is needed, our customers return to us to purchase another freshly overhauled starter generator. It’s a process we’re proud to offer customers; you can rely on Professional Aviation Associates to help sustain the health of your aircraft.

These solutions extend the life of your starter generators, increase reliability, and reduce unscheduled removals and operating expenses.


A strong dedication to meet and exceed your needs.

Our reputation is built upon providing a high level of quality along with competitive pricing.

Some of our best selling starter generator inventory includes part numbers 23085-001, 23048-016, 23078-019, 23080-050, 23080-064, and many more. Or, contact our dedicated sales team to order a starter generator for your aircraft today!

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