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Windshields & Windows

Our aircraft windshield inventory is among the largest in the world. 
Here at Professional Aviation Associates, we specialize in overhauled King Air and Beechjet 1900 windshields, factory new Beechjet windshields, OEM windshields, and much more.

We work closely with PPG Aerospace to offer overhauled windshields for all models of the Beechcraft King Air and Beechcraft 1900 aircraft. Further, we use procedures approved by the Federal Aviation Administration that provide OEM new quality transparencies.

PPG’s overhauled windshields offer all the benefits of new windshields at a lower cost, without compromising performance or quality.  

Nothing but the best for our customers.

As the sole alternative to OEM windshields for King Air and Beech 1900 aircraft and supplier of spares, PPG is able to provide windshields to the latest Hawker Beechcraft-approved design configuration. In addition, PPG replicates original-equipment part manufacturing processes, inspection procedures, and requirements in rebuilding transparencies. Materials and components in PPG-overhauled windshields are the same as those in OEM parts to meet the same part requirements. Overhauled windshields are upgraded to the latest design configuration and covered by a two-year warranty, comparable to the standard warranty for a new spare. Additionally, windshields are included in our Flat Rate Exchange program.

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Windows and Accessories

King Air polarizers are made under FAA-PMA for the following aircraft: C90, C90A, E90, F90, A99, B99, C99, 100, 200, 300, and 1900. For all models, order one fixed and one rotating window element for each window.

The innovative polarized aircraft window elements from our OEM partner outperform all other sunlight control systems. Using the scientific principles of polarization instead of ordinary blinds and shades, Eclipse® polarized window elements provide full cabin window control of sunlight from bright to near opaque and everything in-between.

Simply by turning one of the polarizing elements, the window becomes progressively darker and darker until virtually black.

  • FAA/PMA approved manufacturer
  • Excellent quality & service
  • Producer of polarized windows for over 30 years
  • Manufacturer of both OEM & aftermarket windows
aircraft part

Professional Aviation Associates partners with a leading manufacturer of quality, custom-fit aircraft sunscreens. Safeguard your aircraft against damaging heat with a trusted product that’s unmatched for quality and dependability.

  • Protects aircraft interior
  • Secures avionics panel
  • Keeps cockpit cooler
  • Integrated protection
  • Lifetime workmanship guarantee
  • Built-in storage

We provide FAA-approved aftermarket aircraft windows for a wide range of aircraft, including cockpit and cabin window replacements.

Our trusted partner manufactures cockpit storm windows, cockpit side windows, and cabin windows for Beechcraft 1900D aircraft. They’re FAA/PMA approved, and offer parts for repair or replacement.  

Some of our best-selling window and windshield inventory include part numbers 101-384025-23 and 101-384025-24. Search below, or call us today to place your order at (404) 767-0282 or email


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